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Stephanie Oostman

Stephanie has been over 250lbs twice in her life. Finally,  she found salvation in a Bikram studio in Redmond, which is long gone. She had been uncomfortable in her own skin her entire life and had always felt that "someday" she will be more fit and feel comfortable. But she had been cheating herself of a life she really wanted. In some classes, all she could do was just sit and puddle, others times she would push until she could not continue anymore.

In 2012 Stephanie went through the notorious Bikram Yoga training further expanding her knowledge in 2016 with Baptiste training through the Africa Yoga Project. Her passion for yoga and compassion for life has brought her teaching down the west coast and across the world to places like Kenya, Ireland and Laos.

Stephanie is a welder, and a full-time college instructor but she still keeps a place in her heart for her yoga roots.

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