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Junction Hot Yoga is looking for Yoga Instructors! 


A yoga instructor is a trained professional who specializes in the facilitation of yoga practice. Junction Hot Yoga hires highly trained and proven instructors. As a yoga instructor at Junction Hot Yoga, your responsibilities also include administration and sales at the front desk, and light prep and cleanup of the space.

You must be passionate about your craft and willing to work with students of all fitness levels. Our ideal yoga teacher is well-trained, effective, and responsive to the needs of our yoga participants. We value interest in continued learning and we value experience. You also need to be organized, reliable, and able to arrive at all your scheduled classes and appointments on time.

We ask our instructors to follow the ETHICS OF [YOGA] TEACHING Adapted from The California Yoga Teachers Association, which we will provide them.


Yoga Instructor Requirements and Qualifications

  • You enjoy sharing your love of yoga

  • Completion of at least one yoga teacher training from a credible source

  • Ability to competently instruct yoga in an all levels group setting, both small and large

  • Friendly with excellent communication skills

  • Ability to perform administrative tasks and light sales tasks

  • Willingness to do light prep before class and light clean up after class

  • Willing to contribute to the success of students and the studio 

  • Responsive to communicate via email and text during non class times as needed

  • Current CPR certification or immediate plans to get it

  • Completion of a mentorship, a plus

  • Knowledge of MindBody Online software, a plus

  • Interest in practicing with the JHY community a plus


Yoga Instructor Duties and Responsibilities


  • Arrive with enough advance time to be completely ready to greet  students, 30 minutes prior to class start.

  • Ensure the yoga room is set up correctly for class.

  • Greet yoga participants, making them feel welcome.

  • Support the studio with administrative and sales tasks before and after class.

  • Document yoga participants’ attendance and sales.

  • Instruct yoga participants in their practice of yoga.

  • Teach yoga safely and effectively, conveying proper form and techniques. 

  • Effectively teach all levels of skill classes.

  • Be ready with modifications for yoga participants as well as challenges for all.

  • Safely and effectively nurture yoga participants’ practice. 

  • Tend to yoga participants as they exit the space, including being available for questions.

  • Complete tasks necessary to ready the studio for the next teacher.

  • Complete light cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Communicate with owners and team members as necessary.

  • Stay for 30 minutes after class.


Additional Requirements

Instructors must bring in their own yoga mat and place it front and center in the yoga room. The mat must be clean and free from odor. To this point, odors can be pervasive in the hot room. Instructors, their clothes and their equipment must be clean, showered, and fragrance free.


Our Position on Other Points

It’s important to note that we are only looking for yoga and meditation instructors. We are not here to act as medical professionals, dieticians, spiritual advisors or coaches for energy work. We are here to instruct yoga in such a way that allows yoga participants space to find their own way.


We absolutely do not touch students in the yoga room at Junction Hot Yoga. This is for the safety of both the instructor and the yoga student: 

  • Even expert yoga teachers with decades of practice have been known to injure students in an off moment. 

  • Consent is complex and we do not agree that “consent cards" etc. are adequate.

  • Some students might have experienced trauma making touching uncomfortable.

  • Participants might not appreciate getting an adjustment on just one side and not the other.

Instructors may not teach nor practice at Junction Hot Yoga while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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