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Jordan Lydia

Jordan began yoga training in 2012. She completed her 200-hour Hatha (The 26) Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle with Whitney McCormick. Jordan Lydia has attended Esak Garcia’s Bishnu Ghosh Advanced Teacher Training and is currently in a 2 year teaching, mentorship, and practice program.  She completed a rigorous Yin Yoga Teacher Training and mentorship in 2014 and went on to co-lead a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Audrey Tollefsen, including co-authoring the Yin Yoga Manual. She has mentored, trained, lead, and provided support to yin yoga teachers including at workshops and retreats. Additionally, she was the 3 time Washington State Yoga Asana Champion and placed 4th in the Nation in 2019.

Balancing yang and yin elements, Jordan Lydia has passionately devoted herself to the study and path of Hatha and yin yoga methods. Through yoga she has managed to overcome the negative effects of scoliosis: alleviating lower back pain, reshaping and realigning her hunched shoulders, crooked spine, and swayed pelvic girdle. Jordan Lydia firmly believes that when approached with patience and wisdom, Advanced Hatha (The 84) series, is therapeutic, healing, and transformative.

Jordan’s yin yoga teaching style is intuitive, therapeutic-centered, approachable, and inclusive of all bodies and levels. She particularly enjoys the exploration of anatomical proportions and structures - the formation of the asana. She approaches teaching yin yoga as an art form and medium of expression — designing sequences to utilize specific asanas to stimulate meridian pathways in the body.

Jordan Lydia loves cats, reiki, tarot, and magic. Her goal is to create a healing space where students can engage themselves with curiosity and wisdom. She wants students to feel empowered, content, peaceful, and limitless!

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