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Jordan Lydia

Jordan Lydia is a practitioner and teacher of Bikram (26&2), Advanced Bikram (84), Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She started with Bikram yoga in Everett, WA in 2012. Through yoga she managed to heal her spine of scoliosis, overcome depression and social anxiety.

She has been participating in yoga asana sport championships since 2013. In the following years she worked her way from last place in Washington state to 2nd place in the USA and Top Ten in the World Yoga Asana Championships in Banaglore, India in December 2022. Yoga competitions are a part of India’s history, with yoga competitions in present form beginning 200 years ago and the first international Yoga Asanas Championships in 1989.

In 2014, Jordan Lydia completed a rigorous Yin Yoga Teacher Training (70-hr.) and (18-month) mentorship in the lineage of Paul Grilley. Her Yin Yoga teaching style is intuitive, therapeutic-centered, approachable and inclusive of all bodies and levels. Jordan Lydia has co-led several Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings and authored Yin Yoga manuals. She has mentored, trained, and provided support to Yin Yoga teachers.

In 2017, she trained in a (200-hr.) Bikram 26&2 teacher training and mentored with Whitney McCormick. The world-famous Bikram series was derived from a larger sequence of postures of over 84 postures taught by Bishnu Ghosh and his disciples in Calcutta, India. The 84 class is known as the ‘advanced Bikram’ class. She completed both a month-long teacher training (200-hr.) and two-year teaching, mentorship, and practice program in the 84 series with Esak Garcia. She has been leading the 84 series since 2017. Jordan Lydia firmly believes that when approached with patience and wisdom, the 84 series is therapeutic, healing, and transformative. 

In 2017, Jordan Lydia studied and trained in Yoga Nidra. She loves the transformative and hypnotic power of Yoga Nidra and loves to create and produce Yoga Nidra and sleep meditation recordings.

She loves cats, reiki, hiking, and magic! 

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