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Dan Orvik

Dan grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area spending most of his free time studying music and competing in sports such as gymnastics, soccer and baseball. He first experienced the Ghosh 26/2 in 2012 after losing his mother to cancer and his good friend insisted he take a class. Dan fell immediately in love with the meditative aspect of yoga and knew he wanted to become an instructor.

He began a daily practice regimen, and in Fall 2012 Dan attended the intensive 9 week Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Program in Los Angeles, Ca. Since graduating, Dan has taught extensively in the Bay Area, as well as in the Pacific Northwest and Overseas. His passion for the meditative and restorative benefits of the yoga is evident in his teaching style, and he loves to strive to help others achieve their own personal goals through instructing others.

Aside from yoga, Dan loves to spend his time flying, traveling, recording music, hiking, attempting atypical "DIY" home improvement projects, and spending time with his beloved dog, Nugget. But Dan knows very well that "more yoga" is always the best choice for himself, if given the time. Don't be surprised to see him in the hot room very soon!

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