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Yu Wang

My very first yoga class was 25 years ago. I really fell in love with this art when I started to practice Bikram yoga, the original hot yoga.

During the last 25 years, I've completed Iyenger Teacher Training (2001), Bikram Teacher Training (2007), Yin Yoga teacher training (2015) and Hot Pilates training in 2019.

In 2009, I opened my own Bikram yoga studio in Everett, though I had to close it in 2016 unfortunately.  But I never stopped practicing and teaching yoga. Besides many studios I have taught in the Pacific Northwest, I practiced and taught in China, Thailand, Peru, California, Rhode Island, etc..

Yoga is the only form of exercise that I never quit!  For the last twenty years,  yoga has become a part of my life, it brings me peace,  humbles me and never disappoints me!

Besides teaching and practicing yoga, I love to travel, listen to podcasts, write and read!  Most importantly, I LOVE dogs!


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