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Susan O'Neill

Susan discovered yoga in 2002 at a small hot yoga studio in the U District, and she has been practicing yoga in this West Seattle studio (before it became Junction Hot Yoga) off and on since 2003. In 2010 she went to the Bikram yoga teacher training originally to get more in-depth with the yoga, but came away with another skill – teaching – which she has been excited about since.

For Susan, yoga is about pulling the mental and physical aspects together. As an active person she appreciates the challenge of the traditional hot 26 and 2, but it is the mental healing, sanity-preserving aspects that have been the more important gift. Susan loves sharing the benefits of yoga with others. It truly is not about depth in a posture, instead it is about bringing the benefit of the posture into the mind-body to heal, maintain and improve.

Susan’s day job is as a research scientist doing atmospheric modeling of smoke from wildland fire. I am looking forward to getting back into the studio practicing and teaching.

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