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Maureen "Mo"

Maureen Stadin

 Maureen has been teaching yoga 14 years; graduating from Bikram Yoga College of India in Las Vegas in 2009. A couple years later she discovered yin yoga, and found the perfect complement, and began teaching yin style in 2014. 

Maureen has explored many teachers, coaches, workshops and trainings. She has done yoga competition, leads the 84, and continues to learn about yoga everyday. It is her passion and a labor of Love. She traveled from Everett to Australia, Missoula, to Portland, and Bellingham to West Seattle as a traveling teacher over the years. She loves experiencing new places, and considers herself a student of Life. 

During the lockdown in 2020, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (online) with Science Of Self in New York, and learned how yoga postures work with the meridian systems in the body. In 2021 she began working as an LMT, and enjoys bringing that knowledge to her yoga practice as well. She looks forward to seeing you in the studio! ,

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