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Susannah Everlund


Susannah took her first Hatha yoga class in 1999 at Sivananda Vedanta Center and left feeling like she was floating off the ground as she walked back home. Susannah wanted to reproduce this feeling and learn how to teach yoga to others so they could feel as good as she felt. Yoga life, class and  self practice provided Susannah with the structures she could explore what she was learning while staying grounded and positive living in New York City.  In 2008, when she took her first hot yoga class in this same location, Susannah just about died, but she came back for more to master the 26&2 class.


Susannah trained in 26&2 with Amber Borgomainerio in 2010 and in 2018 she took the leap and joined Esak Garcia learning the 84 intermediate practice and 84 class structures.  Furthermore, Susannah has done many workshops with Scott and Ida from Ghosh yoga.  Currently she is training with Kim Tang as a yoga athlete competing in USA yoga nationals 2021.  Susannah is listed on their website as a certified coach. This internationally recognized coach program also requires Susannah to participate in IYSF coaching courses.


Susannah wants the best experience for her students while they advance themselves in their postures and in their lives off the mat - chasing that millimeter more, finding the nuances of this beautiful, therapeutic life changing practice while at the same time building the community

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