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Courtney Fletcher


Courtney has been practicing different types of yoga since 2006. Even though the relationship between the physical body and the meditative moments of the mind in yoga has always resonated with Courtney, she has practiced consistently only since 2014.

In January 2020, Courtney took her first 200 hour Hatha teacher training at Hot Yoga Renton and it was so incredible that after a few months she realized that she needed to know more. Courtney craved the transformative space, internally as well as externally, that yoga brought to her being. She then took a 300 YTT and another 200 YTT with My Vinyasa Practice based out of Austin, TX. Courtney currently teaches Hatha, Adaptive, and Yin yoga.

Courney believes that yoga practice should be fluid and open, with space to accommodate all skill levels and bodies. She is passionate about helping all her students to find a path that works for them.  

Off the mat, Courtney has a passion for meeting the needs of others as a cardiac nurse. She adores nature and all the life and adventure it holds. Courtney especially enjoys exploring nature with her family and loved ones. The magic of interconnectedness in all living things never fails to spark joy in her life.

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